Benefits for companies

Embracing the 20Twenty Leadership Management Programme will have far reaching effects for companies. With minimal disruption to the business, companies entering participants can expect to benefit from:

  • The development of a strategic growth plan;
  • informal due diligence reports on management processes developed after discussions with successful business leaders;
  • psychometric appraisals and 360-degree assessments;
  • new management tools that help to motivate staff;
  • an environmental audit designed to maximise opportunities from low carbon economy initiatives;
  • the development of a sound business proposal for new investors;
  • a creative marketing plan and sales strategy;
  • hands-on examples of "lean thinking" and related innovation tools to promote strategic business development;
  • flexible delivery methods - including evening and weekend options; and
  • the ability to take full advantage of the business case for equality and diversity by meeting the needs of a wider customer base.