Equality & Diversity

The 20Twenty Leadership Programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University are committed to equality and diversity as both a service provider and an employer. We recognise, celebrate and value diversity in everything we do. We aim to create a culture where all our participants can engage in learning and work regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion and belief.

It is a requirement of the funding from the European Social Fund that we collect data on those participating and part of this information requires having an Equality and Diversity Policy. We are working with Darwin Gray Solicitors. They believe "Businesses are currently facing an extremely tough financial environment in which to operate. It is easy in hard times for companies to make sudden business decisions that inadvertently could have a profound effect on both equality amongst staff, and diversity within the workforce, with associated possible bad publicity, Employment Tribunal claims, and general ill feeling amongst staff. It has never therefore been more important for companies to ensure that they have in place robust equality and diversity policies, coupled with the confidence to adhere to those policy principles in all their business decisions".

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