Innovation Activity Review

The Innovation Benchmarking Tool is a specially designed business diagnostic developed by leading researchers in innovation from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. It is the most comprehensive and advanced online innovation activity review currently developed, and is made available through the 20Twenty Leadership Programme.

The purpose of the tool is to review business innovation activities, and assess their effectiveness and importance. The Innovation Benchmarking Tool covers 5 broad themes: Product and Service Innovation, Operational Effectiveness Innovation, Strategy Innovation, Relational Innovation, and Cross-Cutting Innovation. The comprehensive nature of this review ensures a complete and robust assessment of the innovation activities undertaken by organisations, allowing for comments and feedback being suggested to the respondent businesses.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the tool we ask you to provide your company and personal details, which allow us to customise the tool and provide the most accurate review of your innovation activity. The core questionnaire is comprised of 13 key sections each composing of 3 sub-questions. It is a close-ended questionnaire, which significantly eases the completion process and allows us to quickly provide a detailed report at the end. The questionnaire relates to the last 2 years of your business operations, and is intended to be completed on annual basis in order to act as a monitoring tool.

The results report is downloadable and printable, and provides major scores, breakdown of the scores, and detailed commentary with feedback related to each section of the innovation questionnaire. It provides a comprehensive and yet easy-to-follow report that could form a part of your wider business plan/review.