Benefits for companies

Financial Leadership Programme  

Embracing the 20Twenty Leadership for Financial Services

Leadership performance is the key to business growth. The new 20Twenty Leadership for Financial Services programme will help deliver results by encouraging business leaders in the sector to adapt flexibly to change and providing them with the skills to compete and grow in an increasingly difficult trading environment. Led by Professor Brian Morgan at Cardiff Metropolitan University, the 20Twenty programme equips managers with the necessary skills to become proficient leaders within the financial services industry.

The aim of the Programme is to improve performance in financial services by providing opportunities for participants to increase their knowledge, expertise and competencies in the area of leading and managing teams. Particular emphasis is placed on key areas such as:

  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Lean Thinking
  • Project Management and Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation
  • Financial Resilience
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Management Performance
  • Marketing

The overarching aim of the20Twenty programme is to enable you to develop a successful growth strategy for your company or department.


For You

  • Improved Confidence and Self Worth
  • Achieve a Postgraduate Certificate (PGC) in Leadership (Cardiff Met)
  • Become a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Engage with experienced & successful entrepreneurs, and business leaders
  • Improve your understanding of the financial services industry
  • Develop creative skills to grow your business

For Your Enterprise

  • Develop a strategic growth plan
  • Tools to assess your business and leadership development goals.
  • Psychometric appraisals and 360-degree assessments
  • A successful marketing and sales strategy
  • Improve innovation performance
  • Develop a balanced score card of key performance indicators


The 20Twenty Leadership Programme has been extremely beneficial to our businesses. I would definitely recommend the 20Twenty course especially if you want to enhance your leadership style and find new tools to manage your specific area in an already large established business like Admiral.
Sophie Williams, Admiral

The 20Twenty Leadership programme course has really changed the way I currently perform at work. The major turning point for me was Lean; this has changed the way I think about work and way in which I perform at work. This has been demonstrated in an “Applause Award” that I was rewarded with at work. I have also been nominated and obtained an outstanding customer service award this month for the work I have completed within our department.
Karen Fuge, Legal & General