Leadership for Social Enterprise(L4SE)

Social enterprise

Become the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs

Supporting Social Enterprises by developing and improving leadership and management performance to achieve sustainable social businesses.

Leadership for Social Enterprise (L4SE)

Social enterprise managers, leaders and aspiring leaders are challenged to constantly adapt to ever changing environments in the world of business; a balancing act requiring tactical reflection and analysis to achieve ongoing sustainability. The Creative Leadership and Enterprise Centre at Cardiff School of Management is responding to the increasing demand to create, sustain and grow social enterprises by devising a new programme to help social enterprises in Wales flourish. So far over 30 participants embarked on the pilot programme which began in May 2012.

The programme has been specifically designed for developing and enhancing leadership among managers and leaders of social enterprises which will enable them to become even more innovative, entrepreneurial and ready to take risks and take on the social challenges we face today.

Here are just some of the core components the programme will cover:

  • Creating and sustaining a viable social enterprise.
  • Making the enterprise ‘investor ready’.
  • Developing Strategic Leadership.
  • Reinvesting for commercial sustainability.
  • Managing risk and building financial resilience


For You

  • Achieve a Postgraduate Certificate (PGC) in Leadership (Cardiff Met)
  • Become a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Engage with experienced & successful social entrepreneurs, and business leaders
  • Improve your understanding of the market
  • Develop creativity
  • Grow your social enterprise

For Your Enterprise

  • Develop a strategic growth plan to sustain your social enterprise
  • Tools to assess your business and leadership development goals.
  • Psychometric appraisals and 360-degree assessments
  • Enhanced understanding of the methods of social innovation
  • Capability to lead rapidly growing organisations and cultivate and maintain an entrepreneurial culture


Adele Blakebrough CEO of the Social Business Trust highlights “I was delighted to contribute to the social enterprise leadership programme. I wish such a course had been available when I was finding my feet in the social sector. It's an exciting development providing a much needed resource. I'm sure it will appeal to many practitioners in the field."